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Upcoming Changes to May’s Enchantment!


With so many events happening nowadays, and Enchantment going into its 3rd installment, I asked myself what could I do different to make this event stand out from others? The answer I came up with is what you will experience come May!

Events in SL tend to have a location where everyone comes together and sells their new items created specifically for the event. As a designer, while these events are great and a lot of fun, I realized that my own mainstore was suffering, and I know this has been a concern for many other designers as well. So instead of having a centralized event location as we had in the past, Enchantment will now take place at each participating store’s main location. The prizes however will be available at a special (and TOP SECRET till the opening) location. Prizes? you ask…. We will get to that shortly!

Some of you older residents of SL might recognize this format some, but for the sake of clarification and easy understanding, I will break it down for everyone! Each participating store will release at LEAST one item inspired by that round’s chosen fairy tale. These items will ONLY be event exclusive for the duration of the event after which point, the designer is free to continue selling said items in their store if they so choose. Here comes the fun part! When you have purchased a participating event design, you will find along with your purchased items a stamp card. With this stamp card you will have an opportunity to redeem it for an exclusive never to be available again prize from one of the participating designers.

How do I get my prize? Once you have purchased one item (or as many as you like from the participating designers), you will wear the card(s). Yes you can wear more than one at a time! Now, once you see the stamp card attached to your body you will go around to EVERY participating store and ‘stamp’ your card. Every designer will have a special stamp machine set up, that all you will have to do is touch it to receive your stamp from that designer! Once your card is full of stamps (again one from every participating designer), you will be directed to the location of the prizes!

Every designer will have created an exclusive, never to be available ever again prize! With your full stamp card, you may redeem it for any 1 (one) prize of YOUR choosing. Let’s say there are 5 prizes you want….buy 5 participating releases from any of the designers, wear the 5 cards, go around to all stores and collect your stamps till completed. Once you have done that, tp to the prize location and wearing only 1 (one) card at a time (this is important!), redeem each card for each prize you want! Not only are you able to collect prizes for yourself but you are also able to share your extra (full or not) cards with friends as they are transferable so they make great gifts!

I hope these changes are something that you look forward to and makes Enchantment one of your most anticipated events!

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes to May’s Enchantment!

  1. Sounds great, but as a shopper looking for an event I like one location. When I am shopping for something specific, hunting around a store location is not fun. If I see a style I like but not the particular item the designer is offering, I TP to the designer’s main location (regrettably designers frequently do not provide a LM or link to a website) and shop more. The stamp cards sound complicated in text but I’m sure they are easier in practice.

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  3. So instead of having a gorgeous location to explore, I go to the same tired old stores that I’ve stopped visiting because you guys never have new content, and if I want a prize I buy something? What is this, the Clinique counter? No thanks.

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  5. Personally I like this idea. While I will miss the beautiful location to explore, I also understand the why this is being done. I for one intend to participate. Thank you.

  6. “items will ONLY be event exclusive for the duration of the event after which point, the designer is free to continue selling said items in their store if they so choose”
    What’s “exclusive” in that context?

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