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Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty Opens!


May’s round of Enchantment is now open! With a lot of changes happening, I will try to walk you through how it works!

There are 20 stores participating and each store has specially marked items for sale at their mainstores.
enchantment 1

You will see along with your purchase is a stamp card. (if you notice they are transfer meaning you can share with friends!)
enchantment 2

Wear the stamp card (or several as I have done) and tp around to all 20 stores to collect stamps to fill your card.
enchantment 3

enchantment 4

Once your card is full, you may redeem it for any prize available at the prize location! Be sure to only wear 1 (one) card when redeeming your prize! We are not responsible for user error.
enchantment 5

Enchantment Sleeping Beauty Prizes

Participating Designers and their Mainstores:

The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses
Violent Seduction

Prize Location

**SL has been acting wonky, so if some designers aren’t set up yet, please have a lil patience and check back in a few hours!**

20 thoughts on “Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty Opens!

  1. Looks like fun & I like visiting Main stores so I can save the LM — is there a list with photos of items that will issue the card & a photo array of the prizes?

  2. While I love the Enchantment event, and found myself EAGERLY looking forward to it since the last one, I have to say I was greatly disheartened this time around. I found the shopping experience off-putting. I can only speak for myself in saying that the full appeal of an event (items from various designers gathered under ‘one roof’) was lost in this new format and I for one am certain it impacted the amount of time I spent shopping the event (far less) and the amount of money I spent (far less). If you want my two cents, which you may not, return to the old format for the next round. And while I understand designers wish to increase traffic to their stores by participating in an event, this is not the way to go about it. Good product and a prominently displayed landmark (or additional variations available at the store location) is a better route.

    • We appreciate all feedback, there are all sorts of ways to go about events. While some people prefer one sort of event and others another, it´s hard to please everyone and the choice ended up with one that gave back to the customers and making it a bit more interactive.
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, we do our best to listen to everyone and try to help and explain as much as possible.

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  7. I find this disappointing as well because alot of the prize items are things Id actually buy. I think people should be given the choice to have them as a prize or buy the items.

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  10. i just want to thank you for trying to resurrect one of my favourite sl activities ❤ i loved CSRs back in the day and i was so excited to see that someone was bringing it back!

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  12. Hi there!
    I love this new form of the enchantment, it reminds me the csr from 2009, good times…
    My only complain would be that the diversity isnt much. i wish the participating stores would set more items, not a single one for buying. I went to many of the stores looking for something to buy, to get a card, but left with empty hands cause there was only one vendor with a card (for example, only one dress in several colors). It was a pity, cause if the store had more of their normal items for sale, i would have spend a lot of money there, their items were really good, but they didnt have cards for the prizes.

    Other than that, i am really happy with this new style. It is something different for the new folk in sl and has something from a hunt, where we have to do something to get our prizes. It is really a great event and i think it should be more promoted. I cant wait for the next turns, i am sure you are going to improve more and more.

    Keep the good work! 🙂

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